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  • Beach Erosion Threatens Hawaii Houses

    Coastal erosion is a problem for homeowners up and down the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. But the East Coast isn’t the only place where the ocean is encroaching on the shore.

  • Hawaii’S New Rules Throw A Shadow Over Solar

    A Hawaii utility is putting the brakes on rooftop solar installations. Is it the start of a power company backlash against solar energy?

  • Backfill: A Concrete Slab for Y3K

    A temple built to last a thousand years

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    Fire separation assembly clarification, comments on new pressure-treated wood categories, Marvin Windows responds to article, support for women in the trades

  • Controlling Termites

    Getting rid of excess moisture around the foundation is key to controlling this pesky insect, but it may not always be enough. Shields and chemical treatments are still important backup measures, according to this nationally recognized entomologist and termite expert.

  • Controlling Termites and Carpenter Ants with Borates

    Borates have no odor, do not discolor wood, and are no more toxic to humans than common table salt. An expert explains why they are ideal for protecting wood-frame buildings from a broad spectrum of insect pests and decay fungi.

  • Business Forum: Can't Find Good Help?

  • Subbing Out Everything

    This $2 million remodeler tells how she maintains quality workmanship and good customer service with no tradesmen on payroll.

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  • The Perils of Design/Build

    Contractors who market their design services face hurdles in many stages. Here’s a rundown of the legal and insurance obstacles you’re likely to encounter.