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  • Snake-Infested Idaho House

    It was a story to gladden the heart of an editor or blogger facing a slow news day: The nice-looking little house had been marked down from $175,000 to $109,200 because it was infested with ... snakes.

  • Playing to Win

    EAGLE, IDAHO—During summer breaks from college, Caleb Roope built playgrounds at affordable housing developments.

  • Sandler Sales Training: Is It Worth the Cost?

    For small contractors in today’s competitive market, sales skills can make the difference between struggling and prospering. Yet many contractors turn up their noses at formal sales training, viewing it as a waste of time and money. Are they right? Or is enrolling in a training program an effective...

  • Supermarkets, United States

  • Q&A with Caleb Roope, president and CEO of The Pacific Cos.

    CALEB ROOPE is president and CEO of The Pacific Cos., an affordable housing developer headquartered in Eagle, Idaho.


    BOISE—There may be one less step in Idaho’s low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) allocation program in 2008.

  • Lighting Design Lab Winter Events

    has announced its winter seminar offerings in Seattle and affiliate locations in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. For more information visit,

  • Products

    Easy access panel; glass-tube fireplace; engineered lumber; housewraps; electrical equipment

  • Letters

    Roofing felt, rotary laser follow-up, plumbing a well pump, sizing supply pipes, more

  • Framing Floors With I-Joists

    A Cape Cod builder tells how to frame flat, squeak-free floors with wood I-joists.