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  • JLC Report

    Vacuum-insulated glass takes on triple glazing; houses shrink while buyer satisfaction grows; Chicago builder pays $1 million to woman injured in deck collapse; more

  • Builder Pays $1 Million to Settle Deck Collapse Suit

    Ledger was fastened with nails, not lag screws.

  • Legislator Education Key in 2011

    The vibe at AHF Live: The 2010 Affordable Housing Developers’ Summit in early November in Chicago was mostly positive throughout the sessions and exhibit hall.

  • Stasch Leads the Way for Change

    CHICAGO— Developer. Housing commissioner. Grantmaker.

  • Commendable Achievement, Exhibit Lighting - Science Storms, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

    Science Storms, a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, was the dream job for a lighting designer.

  • The Eight-Hour Kitchen Remodel

    Meticulous planning was the key to profitability on this multi-unit job.

  • Chicago Nonprofit Keeps Credit Flowing in Tough Times

    The Chicago-based Community Investment Corp. (CIC) recently announced a five-year $400 million loan fund to help resuscitate the area’s affordable housing market.

  • After 23 Years, CHA Sheds Receivership

    CHICAGO—A federal judge reinstated the Chicago Housing Authority’s (CHA’s) power to manage the development of public housing. The move ends more than two decades of court-ordered receivership for the authority.

  • NCSHA Speakers Cite Market Changes

    CHICAGO—The low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) market is better than it was a year ago thanks to additional equity, according to many at the National Council of State Housing Agencies conference.

  • 300 Units in Chicago Preserved

    CHICAGO—Mercy Housing Lakefront is leveraging $68 million to rehabilitate and preserve two apartment developments in the city’s Uptown community.