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  • Getting Ahead of REO

    TUNGSTEN REALTY ADVISORS, a Chicago-based investment and operating firm, has purchased two distressed notes on fractured condo projects in the past year.

  • Aqua Tower

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Honorable Mention

  • Infill Architecture: Urban Infill House 001 + 002

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Honorable Mention: Infill Architecture

  • Senior Needs

    MICHAEL BERNE, managing director and head of the seniors housing capital markets team at Chicago-based Jones Lange LaSalle , sees one key thing in seniors housing: Demand. Today, there are nearly 37 million people 65 or older in the United States, according to the Census. Fueled by the aging B aby...

  • People

    Gloria L. Materre, former deputy chief of staff for Gov. Pat Quinn, has been appointed executive director of the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA).

  • Fall 2009 LED Supplement

    Fall 2009 LED Supplement

  • Regional News

    CHICAGO The Chicago Housing Authority recently celebrated the re-opening of the Flannery Senior Apartments, which underwent an 18-month, $16 million renovation after a devastating fire.

  • Hagan Sees Hopeful Signs

    CHICAGO—Joe Hagan is feeling better about the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) market these days.

  • Bloomington-Normal, Ill.

    Despite the recession, there are shovels at the ready and cranes in the air around Bloomington and Normal, which are pushing green design.

  • 2009 Sixth Annual Light Architecture Design Awards - Introduction

    In the six short years since their inauguration, the A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards have emerged as a contender on the lighting award and competition circuit.