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  • In the News

    Fatal porch collapse highlights flimsy connections, self-draining housewrap, new wood preservatives raise corrosion questions

  • Toolbox: Cordless Compound Miter Saws

    Cordless compound miter saws

  • Trade Talk: Algae on Asphalt Shingles

    Algae on asphalt shingles

  • Trade Talk: Gas-Fired Air Conditioning

    Gas-fired air conditioning

  • Products

    Add-on lip for framing square, colorful stud finders, new underlayment for vinyl, classy garage doors, peel-and-stick ridge vents, more

  • Products

    Recycled underlayment; guard against tannin bleeding; stronger lattice; composite fencing; jamb extensions; more

  • Products

    Grout removal tool; flooring clamps; foundation drain mat; painter’s tool belt; trackless bi-fold hardware; composite decking; aluminum scaffold planks; more

  • Toolbox: Bosch Worksite Table Saw

    Bosch 4000 Worksite Table Saw

  • Q&A: Velvety Wood Decay

    Q: When inspecting the porch floor joists of an 1880s farmhouse in Illinois, I was surprised to see that the joists and the underside of the tongue-and-groove fir decking appeared velvety, and looked like they were covered with matted dog hair. The surfac

  • Products

    On-site welding kit; safer worklight; joint compound accelerator; decorative exterior woodwork; ready-made shingle panels and corners; colored caulk; more