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  • Who's Better for Housing?

    Barack Obama likes to point out that he began his career as a community organizer. After college, he moved to Chicago and worked with a church-based group to improve conditions in the city's poor neighborhoods.

  • Sylvania, Besa, Permalight, Schuler Shook, and Crestron Moves and Announcements, September 17, 2008

    Sylvania, Besa, Permalight, Schuler Shook, and Crestron


    CHICAGO Nearly nine years into what was called a 10-year program to transform public housing, this city has completed only 30 percent of the plan’s most ambitious component—tearing down housing projects and replacing them with new neighborhoods with mixed-income populations.

  • Designing for Energy Efficiency

    Energy conservation is finding its way into industry and commerce across America. As more and more businesses and buildings “go green,” companies are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and the waste produced by daily operations.

  • Firm and Manufacturer Moves


    CHICAGO - Nonprofit developer Lawndale Christian Development Corp. will build the Martin Luther King Jr. Apartments on a vacant two-acre site owned by the city.

  • South Loop Rising

    Chicago — The Windy City’s multifamily market is on pace for another year of rent and occupancy growth.

  • Arbor Appoints Director, Promotes Operations Pro

    Peter Margolin has been appointed director in Arbor Commercial Mortgage’s Chicago office. Margolin will be responsible for all of the firm’s loan offerings


    Chicago — Campus Acquisitions, a Chicago-based firm focused on student housing development, has acquired two student housing projects for undisclosed amounts in South Carolina and Texas.

  • Lumen, Chicago

    In a quest to create a cutting-edge lounge and bar environment that would incorporate interactive components and digital art to entertain guests, entrepreneurs Jason Freiman, Peter Gogarty, and Nick Podesta combined their business and design talents to open Lumen in downtown Chicago in May 2007.