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  • THE STREET FIGHTER:Playing Hardball

    Gale Cincotta’s street-smart protest tactics were legendary among Chicago housing activists.

  • Take the Tour

    The popular affordable housing bus tour is once again a part of the agenda at this year’s AHF Live: The Tax Credit Developers’ Summit. For an additional fee, conference attendees can tour a dozen affordable housing properties in Chicago.

  • THE BANKER: Banking on the Inner City

    When it comes to company tag lines, ShoreBank Corp.

  • THE APOSTLE OF REHAB: Proving Preservation’s Power

    For John Pritscher, fighting social injustice was not the passing fancy of a young idealist. It was a life-long calling.

  • Wax Affordable

    More than 80 affordable housing experts will bring their extensive expertise and knowledge to the table at AHF Live: The 2007 Tax Credit Developers’ Summit, to be held Oct. 24-26 in Chicago. 


    Longtime Chicago Housing Commissioner John Markowski recently resigned to become president of Park Bank Initiatives, the community development arm of Park National Bank.

  • Near North Shatters Old Images

    CHICAGO, ILL. - The Near North Apartments takes a bold stand in a neighborhood once dominated by the infamous Cabrini-Green public housing project.

  • Manufacturer Websites Get Upgrades

    Des Plains, Illinois-based Juno Lighting's Website,

  • FC Lighting Opens New HQ and Learning Center

    FC Lighting has recently moved to a new facility in St. Charles, Illinois. An important part of the new headquarters is "The Edge", a 4,000-square-foot educational center that the company says is the world's largest forum for LED technology. Moving walls and panels accommodate a variety of...

  • IALD Board of Directors Nominations Deadline is July 13