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  • Tackling the Tough Projects

    CHICAGO Interfaith Housing Development Corporation of Chicago (IHDCC) is building three affordable housing projects in three different neighborhoods in the city, and like the other developments the small nonprofit organization has created, the new housing will be unique.

  • THE STREET FIGHTER:Playing Hardball

    Gale Cincotta’s street-smart protest tactics were legendary among Chicago housing activists.

  • Take the Tour

    The popular affordable housing bus tour is once again a part of the agenda at this year’s AHF Live: The Tax Credit Developers’ Summit. For an additional fee, conference attendees can tour a dozen affordable housing properties in Chicago.

  • THE BANKER: Banking on the Inner City

    When it comes to company tag lines, ShoreBank Corp.

  • THE APOSTLE OF REHAB: Proving Preservation’s Power

    For John Pritscher, fighting social injustice was not the passing fancy of a young idealist. It was a life-long calling.

  • Wax Affordable

    More than 80 affordable housing experts will bring their extensive expertise and knowledge to the table at AHF Live: The 2007 Tax Credit Developers’ Summit, to be held Oct. 24-26 in Chicago. 


    Longtime Chicago Housing Commissioner John Markowski recently resigned to become president of Park Bank Initiatives, the community development arm of Park National Bank.

  • Near North Shatters Old Images

    CHICAGO, ILL. - The Near North Apartments takes a bold stand in a neighborhood once dominated by the infamous Cabrini-Green public housing project.

  • Manufacturer Websites Get Upgrades

    Des Plains, Illinois-based Juno Lighting's Website,

  • FC Lighting Opens New HQ and Learning Center

    FC Lighting has recently moved to a new facility in St. Charles, Illinois. An important part of the new headquarters is "The Edge", a 4,000-square-foot educational center that the company says is the world's largest forum for LED technology. Moving walls and panels accommodate a variety of...