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    Cutting trusses, frost-protected posts, ERVs vs. HRVs, foil-faced foam, more

  • Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete

    There’s more to concrete than water, cement, sand, and stone. An experienced batch plant manager talks about the admixtures that help you match the mix to the job.

  • Retrofitting a Skylight in a Truss Roof

    An Iowa remodeler tells how he was able to retrofit a skylight into an existing truss roof by redistributing the roof loads.

  • Legal Adviser: Keeping New Hires Legal

    How to question an immigrant’s legal status

  • Toolbox: Wrenchless Routers and Grinders

    Wrenchless routers and grinders

  • CO Leaks Causes & Cures

    In today’s tighter houses, carbon monoxide leaks are potentially more deadly than ever. These three case studies show how careful detective work can uncover and eliminate common sources of CO contamination.

  • Jambs & Thresholds For Fat Walls

    Extra-thick walls present a problem when it comes to installing prehung entry-door units. Here are some tested solutions, both stock and custom, that can help.

  • Fast Precast Foundations

    A Superior Wall foundation has as much strength as a poured foundation, plus it’s insulated, requires no footings, and can install in less than a day. If there’s a manufacturing plant in your area, this is a system worth looking at.

  • Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

    Correctly placed perimeter insulation eliminates the need for a deep frost footing. A Midwest builder explains this CABO-approved method for building foundations and slabs-on-grade.

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