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  • Fastening and Finishing PVC Trim

    The best ways to get the most out of this popular material.

  • Family Finalists

    BOWLING GREEN, KY.. Some low-income parents trying to further their post-secondary education and become self-sufficient have a new place to call home.

  • People

    Richard L. McQuady has been named CEO of Kentucky Housing Corp.


    FRANKPORT—Projects centered on preservation of existing housing stock and green construction methods will be the focus of the Kentucky Housing Corp.’s (KHC) 2008 qualified allocation plan.

  • TIR Systems Partners with Lighting Services Inc and Genlyte Group

    , developer of Lexel, a fully integrated solid-state lighting solution, has announced partnership agreements with

  • Promotions and Additions: Seagull Lighting, Luxo Corporation, Leviton, Allscape, Vista Lighting, and Alkco Lighting

    has promoted Eric Borden to vice president, Ambiance Lighting Systems; James Zirkman has joined

  • First recovery center breaks ground in Kentucky

    Henderson, Ken. A new housing model that could help reduce drug and homeless problems across the country is starting in this small town overlooking the Ohio River.

  • Prefinished Strip Flooring

    Recent advances in surface finishes, a wider selection of woods and colors, and improvements in the installed appearance make a strong case for factory-finished floors.

  • Legal Adviser: The Half-Priced Contractor

    Underbid by half? What now?

  • For What It's Worth