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  • Protesters Storm New Orleans Housing AuthorityOffice

    About two dozen protesters temporarily seized control of the offices of the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) on Aug.

  • Carpet Cottages the Latest in Low-RiseHousing

    he design for the cluster of small houses, with their pitched roofs and clapboard siding, looks like something from another era of New Orleans architecture, but the plan for these “Carpet Cottages” is brand new.

  • The Savior of New Orleans?

    So much depends on Ed Blakely, the planner charged with pushing the recovery effort from idea to reality.

  • Getting Down to Business on the Gulf Coast

    There is no place where the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) is more important than on the hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast.

  • Energizing New Orleans

    New Orleans-based distributor

  • Backfill: Sign Language From the Streets of New Orleans

    Sign language in New Orleans

  • After Katrina: One Year Later

    A year after Katrina: voices and impressions from a region rethinking how to build

  • Breakline: Rising Coastal Waters

    Rising Coastal Waters - Green Building Gains Ground in Gulf

  • Guest Editorial: Small Task, Big Reward

    Small Task, Big Reward

  • Low Country Rx: Wet Floodproofing

    Regardless of what the flood maps say today, the statistics show that flood zones will likely change during the service life of a home, making flooding an often inevitable consequence of coastal living. The answer, says building scientist Joseph Lstiburek, is to use drainable, dryable assemblies...