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  • Bright Ideas

    In early October, Boston weather begins its precipitous decline into the cold, the gray, and the dark. Most of us resign ourselves to the turn of the seasons, but Lana Nathe, principal of Boston-based Light Insight Design Studio, knew that a little lighting magic could transform the city into a...

  • A Master Legislator

    Barney Frank may be the best friend that the affordable housing industry has ever had in the halls of Congress.

  • Lighting Shines at AIA Convention

    The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2008 National Convention and Design Exposition, held May 15-17 in Boston, attracted 23,950 registrants and 852 exhibitors, making the 140th convention the third largest to date.

  • Professional Sustainability

  • Trouble-Free Paint Performance

    As a custom painting contractor in the Boston market, Nigel Costolloe has spent a good part of his lifetime studying the way paint works. Paint problems, he says, most commonly point back to the way the house was built, the substrates prepped, or how the paint was applied, rather than to the paint...

  • Lenders Grow Cautious

    While construction financing remains affordable, many capital sources are beefing up their underwriting criteria this year.

  • Women in Lighting Design

  • Color Kinetics, Burlington, Massachusetts

    No matter how familiar a lighting designer might be with light-emitting diode (LED) technology, it is no easy task to outfit 42,000 square feet of space with LEDs as the main illumination source, particularly when ongoing advancements are a fundamental component of employing this lighting...

  • Q & A with Patrick Clancy, chief of The Community Builders of Boston

    PATRICK CLANCY leads one of the largest nonprofit affordable housing organizations in the country.

  • Lighting Design Rivals Merge

    On March 17, 2008, Available Light and Ted Mather Lighting Design merged their lighting design operations, leveraging each firm's strengths and experience and combining the talents of 14 lighting design and support professionals. The firm will move forward as Available Light and will maintain...