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  • The Supportive Housing Boom

    BROOKLYN, N.Y.—A developer here is doing something smart: Adding supportive-housing units to an affordable housing property. Thanks to state incentives, this move is helping to offset development costs.

  • smithgroup lobby, detroit

    CHALLENGE In 1999, when full-service architectural engineering firm SmithGroup moved into the Guardian Building, it renovated the ground-floor lobby and inserted a glass and steel conference center pavilion within the elaborate three-story-high art deco vaulted space. Recently, when the building...

  • details

    Detroit Albert Kahn (original building, 1915) SmithGroup, Detroit Justin Maconochie, Ferndale, MI 56,000 square feet of illuminated façade 0.

  • A|L Design Awards, Outstanding Achievement: Detroit Athletic Club

    With downtown Detroit experiencing a rebirth, owing to the construction of two new athletic facilities (Tigers Park for baseball and Ford Field for football) and the city's hosting of Major League Baseball's 2005 All-Star Game and the 2006 Super Bowl, the Detroit Athletic Club called on SmithGroup...

  • 23 Annual GE Edison Awards

    : Dennis Vogel, Keith Irtenkauf, and Sonia Noble for The Guardian Building Renovation, Detroit, Michigan, USA

  • Prototypes on Parade: LEDs Inspire New Products

    Designed to foster communication and community in public spaces, the Digital Yurt, an experimental work environment from Michigan-based office systems manufacturer Steelcase, employs the unique controllability of LEDs to broadcast to those on the outside the activity inside.

  • What to Do About Wood Wasps?

    Q. We recently built a custom home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; construction began in the fall. During the warming months of spring, when the homeowners moved in, they began noticing perfect 1/4-inch-diameter holes in the drywall, as if someone had

  • GMACCH sold, renamed Capmark

    Detroit GMAC Commercial Holding Corp. (GMACCH), which was recently acquired by an investor group, has changed its name to Capmark Financial Group, Inc.

  • Q&A: Ice Buildup Problem

    Q. We built a custom home for a client in west Michigan a couple of years ago, and the home has had problems with ice ever since. It's a 1,450-square-foot ranch with cathedral ceilings and many can lights throughout. We used blown fiberglass insulation in the ceiling assemblies. From the beginning...

  • Legal: Do You Have to Pay Overtime?

    Do you have to pay overtime?