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  • Legal Adviser: Stopping Work During a Dispute

    Stopping a job during a dispute

  • Q&A: Water Heater Relief Valve Keeps Tripping

    Q: After reading the article "Using Water Heaters for Radiant Heat" (11/98), I decided to replace my boiler with a 75-gallon propane water heater. In general, this is working great, except that about every three weeks the pressure-temperature relief valve, which is rated at 210°F, keeps tripping. I...

  • Installing a Radiant Wall

    Sometimes heavy floor coverings, furniture, or built-ins reduce the area available for radiant heating. This heating specialist shows how to turn walls and ceilings into heat emitters.

  • Legal Adviser: Express & Implied Warranties

    Express vs. implied warranties

  • Notebook

    Cordless battery update, lumber price predictions, “green” building defined, geothermal heat pump rebates curtailed, job-site theft, storm shelters in tornado alley, algae-resistant shingles, residential silos

  • Q&A: Moldy Basement Room

    Q: I was hired to refinish a basement game room built in 1936 in a house on the shores of Lake Michigan. The T&G paneling in the room was badly warped and the bottom 3 feet were moldy and partly rotted. I removed the paneling to find that it had been installed directly over the poured foundation on...

  • Quick Foundation Repair

    Rather than shore the house and replace the bulging block foundation, this builder used plywood slip forms to pour a concrete reinforcing wall on the outside.

  • Legal Adviser: Collecting Money in Small-Claims Court

    The ins and outs of small-claims court

  • Legal Adviser: Why You Need Insurance and a License

    Protecting yourself with a license & insurance

  • Letters

    Vinyl siding defended, spray insulations, Model Energy Code