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More stories about MINNESOTA

  • Young Developer Makes Her Stand in the Tenderloin

    SAN FRANCISCO - Diep Do is helping to change the city's tough Tenderloin neighborhood one building at a time.

  • Midwest HFAs Focus on Foreclosures

    For many Midwest cities, the recent foreclosure crisis has made an already bad situation much worse.

  • Turning a Corner

    MINNEAPOLIS -- After two freeways cut off the Phillips neighborhood from Minneapolis' central business district in the 1960s, businesses there either failed or left—and the area turned into a hotbed for drug trafficking and prostitution.

  • Schreder Announcements

    Schreder Lighting USA has added Luma Sales Associates as a representative in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. For information about Luma, visit


    St. PAUL—The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (Minnesota Housing) continues to increase its emphasis on green and sustainable design standards in the 2008 qualified allocation plan (QAP).

  • BEST HISTORIC REHAB PROJECT: Midtown Exchange a Stabilizing Force

    MINNEAPOLIS—The Midtown Exchange Apartments, a 219-unit development located within the massive Midtown Exchange building in South Minneapolis, has had a stabilizing effect on its neighborhood.

  • Office Lighting Quality Paper Available

    A summary of "The Perception of Lighting Quality in a Non-Uniformly Lit Office Environment," a research paper published in 1999, is now available to designers and architects on the University of Minnesota's InformeDesign website, a database of design-related research summaries.

  • Revamping Around Transit

    MINNEAPOLIS Dale Joel is hoping that a workforce housing development will be just the beginning of a massive mixed-use, transit-oriented development that will transform a south Minneapolis neighborhood.

  • Regional News

    MINNEAPOLIS Kingsley Commons, one of only three apartment communities in the country specifically designed for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), recently opened in the northern section of the city. The project is the result of a joint effort by the Minnesota chapter of the National MS Society...

  • Grain Site Goes Green

    MINNEAPOLIS - The 20-story grain elevator towering above a southeast Minneapolis neighborhood isn’t going anywhere.