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More stories about MINNESOTA

  • Food company assists in building workforce housing

    Marshall, Minn. – As affordable housing grew tougher to find in this rural Minnesota community, one of the first to notice was the Schwan Food Co., Inc.

  • A Town Is Reborn

    By Lew Sichelman. One hundred and fifty years ago, Ramsey was the fur-trading center of Minnesota. Ramsey's city administrator Jim Norman told the paper that for years the town "has been the poster child for urban sprawl," a place where people bought land for inexpensive starter homes.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Short-Cut Kitchen Design

    Short-cut kitchen design tips

  • Kitchen & Bath: Two-Tone Kitchen Design

    Two-tone kitchen design

  • Q&A: Spalling Concrete Floors

    Q: Here in Minnesota, many garage floors suffer from spalling. What causes spalling concrete, and is there any cure?

  • Kitchen & Bath: Island Design Guidelines

    Island design tips

  • Notebook

    Free safety training for small builders, mold and moisture bankrupt big builder, plastic lumber ages well, New York builders liable for fall-related injuries, self-cleaning windows, more

  • Letters

    Drip-edge requirements clarified; building science is getting too complex; insulation under metal roofs

  • Q&A: Makeup Air for Fireplaces and Exhaust Fans

    Q: In a house I am building, I need to provide adequate makeup air for a fireplace and a 600-cfm cooktop exhaust fan. How do I size a passive duct to introduce exterior makeup air into the house?

  • Kitchen & Bath: To Fee or Not To Fee

    Charging for design work