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  • Training Lead Carpenters

    A job foreman needs more than good carpentry skills to manage the construction site. Here are the techniques a successful builder uses to find lead carpenters within his own ranks, rather than hiring from outside.

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    Dump-bed retrofit for pickups, digital deadbolt, no-itch fiberglass batts

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    Demand for electronic security is on the rise. Here’s how to sort through the many options, and tips on choosing a security installer.

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    When designing a kitchen, the biggest challenge is finding the right arrangement for appliances, cabinets, and work surfaces. These design guidelines from the National Kitchen & Bath Association will help you create kitchen layouts that work.

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    Compact miter-saw table for framing and finish work

  • Are Your Houses Too Tight?

    Tight construction is now standard practice, and though it makes the house more energy-efficient, it can create serious indoor air quality problems. Three energy specialists team up to explain how to test for tightness and improve ventilation.

  • Focus On Energy: Blower Door Basics

    Testing for tightness with blower doors

  • Heat-Recovery Ventilators

    HRVs are still a mystery to many builders. A veteran installer describes how to select and install premium ventilation systems in tightly built homes.

  • A Guide to Green Building Resources

    Here’s a resource library for builders who want to build green but don’t know where to start.

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