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  • Renovation Station

    Jackson, Miss. — For a city that’s lost more than 20,000 residents over the past two decades, this town has a lot of development in the pipeline. More than $1.6 billion in commercial and residential real estate investment is poised to pour into the downtown area of Mississippi’s capital city...

  • Wild Winds and Rolling Waters

    Despite months of front-page Hurricane Katrina news coverage in 2005, building codes and enforcement practices continue to vary greatly. Moreover, surprisingly little is known about how hurricane winds pull apart and drive rain into homes — and what affordable measures can seal them tight. Plus...

  • Staff Announcements

    Vincent Bruno has been appointed director of marketing for Crestron. W2 Architectural Lighting has named Anna Schast as its regional sales manager for all states east of the Mississippi River in the U.S. and eastern Canada. Michael T. Hadank has been appointed national sales manager for W.A.C...


    JACKSON—The priorities and rules for low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) applications in Mississippi are little changed for 2008.

  • Ardee Names Regional Sales Managers

    Ardee Lighting has appointed two new regional sales managers: Neil B. Rettig is for the Western United States, covering all states West of the Mississippi River. He can be reached at 805-532-1419; and Kenneth M. Neppach for the Eastern United States, covering all states East of the Mississippi...

  • NIMBYism Strikes in Mississippi

    Nearly two years after one of the most devastating natural disasters in the state’s history damaged or destroyed more than 71,000 rental housing units, residents of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast are blocking the new affordable housing developments the area needs now more than ever.

  • Q & A

    Florida has experienced unprecedented increases in the cost of land, construction, utilities, property taxes, and insurance

  • Real Development in the GO Zone

    Realtex Development was the first company to break ground on a new construction project in the Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone, according to President Rick Deyoe. Sunset Way Apartments in Port Arthur, Texas, broke ground in July 2006.

  • Breakline

    Cooling Off at the Beach ~ Crime of Opportunity ~ Currents

  • Backdoor: Design Debate

    Design Debate