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  • Hammering out new housingMississippi apartment owners confront labor shortages, rising wages, slow insurance payments in push to get damaged units livable again

    Nine months after losing most of her furniture and clothes when Hurricane Katrina lashed the Mississippi Gulf Coast with 30-foot storm surges and 125-mile-an-hour winds that smashed a tree into her apartment roof, Coral Edelen is working at a new job that

  • Gulf Coast struggles to rebuild

    Four blocks from a backhoe rumbling down the beach clearing away debris and just a few steps from the shells of houses torn apart by Hurricane Katrina, a gaggle of church volunteers in blue t-shirts hammers away at the newly-framed walls of a house being

  • Breakline

    Dangerous Demolition - Gulf Renaissance - Insurance Rates to Climb - Named Storms Break the Record

  • Does Flooding Damage Framing Lumber?

    Q. My son's house has been sitting in 10 feet of water since the levee between Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River broke following Hurricane Katrina. He's considering tearing the two-story home down to the studs. I'm wondering if wooden studs sta

  • Toolbox: New Nailer Makes Quick Work of Punchlists

    New cordless brad nailers, new wormdrive saws

  • On Site with Advantech

    Field testing of this new-generation OSB subfloor shows improved resistance to swelling, even in severe weather exposure.

  • By Design: Building a Barrel Vault Ceiling

    Designing & building a barrel vault ceiling

  • Siting A Pond

    The wrong location can turn a scenic pond into a muddy eyesore. An expert pond builder tells how to choose a site that will yield success.