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  • In the News

    A concept house in Omaha, Neb.; Ecobuild America conference; more

  • Products

    Ready-made business forms; ventilating fan for toilet bowl; generator wheel kit; rack for production door painting; hot wheelbarrow add-ons; more

  • Choosing Collated Nails

    Cheap generic nails seem like a bargain up front, but you may pay the price later in jams and misfires. This article explains how to make an intelligent choice in generic nails, and looks at the many new collated specialty nails on the market.

  • Maintaining Your Tools

    Tool maintenance isn’t rocket science, but you have to know what you’re doing. When performed regularly, these simple procedures will extend the life of your electric, cordless, and pneumatic tools.

  • Step by Step With Foam Forms

    Foam concrete forms are gaining popularity, both below and above grade. Three builders describe how to assemble three different systems: stackable blocks, large-core molds, and sheet forms.

  • My First Spec House: Lessons Learned

    A custom builder tells how he financed and marketed his first spec house, and the lessons he learned for future spec houses.

  • Finish Nailers: Hands-On Review

    A remodeler puts a selection of finish nailers to the test at the job site and reports on the results.

  • Dry Wall Trim: Beyond Cornerbead

    Fancy drywall details are simplified by a host of new specialty trims and treatments.

  • Toolbox: Builders' Accessories Solve Job-Site Jams

  • Building to Ledge with Foam Forms

    Foam-core blocks offered the cheapest way to build this 17-sided foundation on solid rock.