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  • Walking on Attic Cellulose

    When framing is buried beneath loose-fill cellulose, move slowly and carefully, and fill in any excavated areas

  • Stiffening a Pony Wall

    Rigid framing for a low wall with one freestanding end

  • Does Code Allow Ground Supported Decks?

    Although not directly addressed by the code, model code provisions seem to permit their use

  • Weathered Wood

    Montana Ghost Wood comes from dead standing trees, mostly spruce and lodgepole killed by beetles and forest fires

  • Two-Part Urethane

    Originally developed for boats, SilverThane SA-2100 is suitable for any application that requires a waterproof gap-filling adhesive

  • Quiet Vac

    Beam says the Model 3700 Serenity IQS is one of the quietest, most powerful central vacuum systems available

  • A Smaller GFCI

    Leviton says the SmartlockPro Slim Self-Test GFCI is 25 percent smaller than a typical GFCI receptacle, making it easier to fit the wires in the box

  • Prepainted Trim

    Finished Elegance molding comes in 27 profiles

  • Lead Cleaner

    According to the maker, Ledizolv detergent is biodegradable and dissolves lead dust more effectively than multipurpose cleaners or chemicals

  • Clean Glue

    Safecoat Almighty Adhesive construction adhesive is environmentally safe and nontoxic, says the maker