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    Working contractors share tips on how to run your business better.

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    Not every sales lead is worth following. Here’s the point system one remodeling company uses to screen prospective clients over the phone — before wasting time on an estimate.

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    Laying subfloor correctly, receptacle wiring

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    A mason lays out the basics of hearth construction, from code compliance to placing the concrete.

  • Q&A: Preventing Stucco Cracks

    Q: We often get conflicting information from subs about certain stucco details. Specifically, what’s the best way to avoid cracking? Must the scratch coat cure for 48 hours before applying the brown coat, or can the brown coat go on the same day? How long should the scratch coat cure before the...

  • Reviving the Rumford

    A mason explains what makes the Rumford such an efficient fireplace and tells how to build one.

  • Eight-Penny News

  • Focus on Energy: Choosing a High-Performance Sealant

    Choosing a sealant

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    A stucco specialist tells what it takes to make a repair that’s both durable and well-hidden.

  • Epoxy Concrete Repair

    For repairing concrete foundation cracks, you can’t beat epoxy for a strong, permanent bond. Here’s how to select the right materials and install them properly.