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More stories about OHIO

  • Emeritus House Shines in Central

    CLEVELAND—Emeritus House has always been more than just a collection of housing units. 

  • For-Sale Housing from NMTCs

    COLUMBUS, OHIO - Vacant houses in neighborhoods like American Addition and North of Broad here are getting a second chance, thanks to the New Markets Tax 

  • Remaking a Landmark

    CLEVELAND - The Famicos Foundation faced a litany of challenges in its rehab of the historic Emeritus House.

  • Reversing Blight in Over-the-Rhine

    CINCINNATI - People passing through the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood have a hard time distinguishing a $300,000 condo from a unit that rents for 35 percent of the area median income, thanks to The Model Group.

  • Columbus Steadies

    Columbus, Ohio — This city is poised for moderate rent and occupancy growth in 2008, as limited new construction and the steady economy here pace the market.

  • Midwest HFAs Focus on Foreclosures

    For many Midwest cities, the recent foreclosure crisis has made an already bad situation much worse.

  • Bonds Get Edgewood Going

    AKRON, OHIO -- Tax-exempt bond financing has helped the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) jump-start an ambitious 221-unit development on the city's west side.

  • Marketing on the Cheap

    APARTMENT FINANCE TODAY talked to Jennifer Eschbaugh, multifamily account executive for Worldwide Signature, based in Cleveland. Eschbaugh trains multifamily teams around the country. She discussed inexpensive, creative ways to market apartment properties. Her main point: Half the battle is getting...

  • Know Your Market

    AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE talked to Rob Vogt, partner at VWB Research, a national real estate research firm based in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Cleveland Condos Survive with New Markets Tax Credits

    Cleveland —In the heart of this city’s downtown, in a region wracked by mortgage foreclosures and falling home prices, Zaremba, Inc., plans to build 550 condominiums at its high-rise Avenue District project.