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  • State and local equity funds share 2006 goals

    Several state and local equity funds are expanding their business models to meet increased competition and demands of the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) market in 2006.

  • Akron agency acquires, rehabs key Sec. 8 project

    Akron, Ohio — One hundred single-family homes have been renovated and preserved as affordable rental units by the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA).


    Toledo, Ohio — Red Capital Markets, Inc., and Red Mortgage Capital, Inc., the investment banking and mortgage banking entities, respectively, of Red Capital Group, structured the financing of two multifamily apartment properties here.

  • RBC buys Apollo Housing Capital

    Feb. 10, 2006, Cleveland – RBC Capital Markets has purchased low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) syndicator Apollo Housing Capital.


    CHICAGO The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) broke ground on the first new mixed-income development along the State Street Corridor since the authority’s sweeping Plan for Transformation began in 1999.

  • Tiling a Breezeway

    Q. I've been asked to tile the floor of an enclosed breezeway that gets tracked with a lot of dirt, leaves, and snow. Besides being subject to the temperature extremes found in Ohio, the existing concrete slab has a crack running across its width. Is porcelain tile the best option in this situation...

  • In the News

    Another deck collapse; problems with painting stucco; translucent concrete; more

  • Products

    Cordless impact wrench, wall lift, cold-weather caulk, nonstick shovel, flexible duct, long-tail T-shirt, mini brake

  • Kitchen & Bath: Working With Mirrors

    Working with bathroom mirrors

  • Toolbox: A Versatile Tool for Extreme Demolition

    Extreme demolition tool, heavy-duty cutoff saw