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  • Neighborhood group fights blight

    Oklahoma City -- Tired of the vacant and dilapidated houses in their neighborhood, the members of the Capitol View Neighborhood Association decided to take matters into their own hands.

  • Creating A Company Report Card

    Pivot tables allow you to analyze your numbers any way you want. Here's how to build one.

  • Products

    Rebar safety caps; junction box fits peak of cathedral ceiling; new drywall anchor; fold-up wheelbarrow; plastic structural lumber; drywall repair compound; shingle clips hold tools while you work on the roof; more

  • Resources

    Green building guides

  • Kitchen & Bath: Shower Design Guidelines

    Guidelines for comfortable showers

  • Products

    New prefinished hardwood strip flooring; NFL hardhats; concrete anchors to withstand seismic vibration; airtight attic hatch; shears for asphalt shingles; contoured underlayment for vinyl siding; no-drip faucet connectors; strap-on sandals for gripping roof surfaces; more

  • Practical Engineering: Holding Down the Roof

    Wind uplift on roofs

  • Toolbox: Simple Chop Saw Stand

    Site-built chop-saw stand

  • Products

    Dimmable compact fluorescents, bi-directional floor registers, automatic make-up air, engineered stair stringers

  • Products

    Extreme-temp caulk, smart fan-light, graffiti removers, insulated headers, masonry cleaner, shock-absorbing gloves