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  • Philadelphia’s Greene Suspended, Investigation Begins

    PHILADELPHIA —A federal team is being dispatched to audit the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s (PHA’s) financial and management operations.

  • Aqua Tower

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Honorable Mention

  • Infill Architecture: Urban Infill House 001 + 002

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Honorable Mention: Infill Architecture

  • Special Citation for Public/Private Partnership - Avenue of the Arts

    Noted by the jury for its ability to erase the often drawn line between public and private cooperation, Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts façade lighting infuses the city's performing arts district with new life.

  • Sixth Annual A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards

  • Homeownership Finalists

    OAKLAND, CALIF. The éclat that accompanied BRIDGE Housing's opening of a transformational new transit village a stone's throw north of the West Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit station reached a high point in October 2004.

  • Are Your Contracts Bulletproof?

    Effective July 1, 2009, the state of Pennsylvania will require a written contract for nearly every construction task in or around a residence — even minor repair work like repainting or reroofing.

  • In the News

    Pennsylvania house is first recipient of new green standard’s top rating; Pulte buys Centex; sprinkler battle continues at state level; more

  • Bright Future

    Penn State Student's Thesis Takes Top Prize in the Lighting and Electrical Option

  • Pittsburgh's Festival of Lights Extends Footprint

    Building façades were transformed into large-scale works of art by French, German, and local artists from Oct. 10 to Nov. 20, 2008, during the Pittsburgh 250 Festival of Lights. The event, introduced in 2007, is designed to coincide with visual and performance art schedules in an effort to...