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  • People News

    Lighting controls manufacturer and designer

  • raymond grenald

    Enticed by the beauty of flight and the mystery of space, Raymond Grenald began his career as an aeronautical engineer. After surviving a plane crash while in the air force, Grenald found that 'some of the romance was gone,' and although he managed to complete his degree in engineering, his...

  • Becomes Principal of The Lighting Practice

    has been made a principal of The Lighting Practice, a Philadelphia lighting design firm, which he joined in 1995. His professional interests include healthcare, historic preservation and sustainable design.

  • Genlyte Thomas Group LLC Announces the Acquisition of the Assets of New Oxford Aluminum Company

    announces that it has acquired the assets of

  • Lights of Philadelphia

    Is it possible to develop lighting solutions that meet code, accommodate user functions and client requirements, and realize the design vision? 

  • Conduit Lenders Push the Limits

    Pittsburgh, Pa. - An 80-year-old building in a tired neighborhood on the fringe of Pittsburgh’s central business district recently received an interest-only conduit loan.

  • Fairmont to help anchor artist neighborhood

    Pittsburgh—By combining 60 units of seniors housing over 7,000 square feet of commercial space on the site of a former public housing project, Fairmont Commons is providing both affordable housing as well as a catalyst for further revitalization of the em

  • Products

    All-weather adhesive; plug lockout; protective workboots made of PVC; glass block windows; carbon filter; drywall tape; smooth OSB; more

  • Letters

    Glue facts a sticking point; handle glass block with care; OSBswelling test questioned

  • Q&A: Cold Roof Retrofit

    Q: A homeowner in central Pennsylvania has asked me to repair a roof with a history of ice-dam problems. The roof is over a cathedral ceiling that has only 6 inches of fiberglass insulation, with no space for venting above the insulation. Can you provide