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  • Schermerhorn Symphony Center

    Mention Nashville, Tennessee and you're more apt to think of country music and the Grand Ole Opry, rather than classical music and symphony halls. But, with the debut of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in September 2006, that has changed.

  • Lam Lighting launches new website

    has launched a new website (

  • William Lam, FIALD

    Architectural Lighting

  • Universal launches new HID section

    Nashville-based lighting ballast and control manufacturer

  • Up Ahead: Hybrid Lighting

  • Up Ahead: Hybrid Lighting

  • Rexel, ForrestPerkins, and Universal Lighting Technologies - new additions

    Electrical/datacom distributor

  • Ooh La La Lamps

    Lingerie rarely sees the light of day, but 30-year-old Nashville-based artist Kelly Butler has brought ladies' unmentionables out of the closet. Through her website,

  • Royal Philips Acquires Bodine

    has acquired

  • Q&A: Venting Bath Fan Into Soffit Not a Good Idea

    Q. It has become common practice in new construction around Nashville to vent bathroom fans into a nearby soffit. One problem is that the vent often gets covered with vinyl or metal soffit because the siding crew doesn't want to cut a hole in the finished