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  • Rookie Builder Mistakes - Part 1 - Electrical

    Have you ever lost a project because you were too "expensive"? Aren’t the plans and specs the same? How could there be such a difference in price between builders? Matt Risinger explores some reasons why.

  • Best Practice for Stucco Parapet Caps

    To ensure a waterproof installation, use adhesive between layers of waterproofing materials and pay close attention to corners and intersections.

  • Reclaimed Wood Walls – 3 Tips for Installing

    There is just something about wood walls that everyone likes. Here are some pictures of a 1930's house my company recently remodeled. We found some beautiful old pine walls and decided to re-use them.

  • Working With Foam Subfloor Adhesive

    The pros and cons of working with DAP SmartBond polyurethane subfloor adhesive, which goes on like foam sealant but collapses to a sticky gel.

  • Is Texas' "Miracle" Economy Built on Construction Worker Injuries?

    A Texas Tribune investigative series casts a harshly critical eye on the state’s lack of safety practices to protect construction workers.

  • Stucco Parapet Caps - Best Practice

    In general, you are always better to cap your parapet walls with metal rather than stucco'ing over them. But, what if your client or doesn't want that look?

  • JLC June Letters

    Risinger’s recent video sparks a debate about Tyvek, and a reader takes issue with foam-slicing saws.

  • Massive Stucco Failure - Lessons Learned

    I was driving by this restaurant remodel the other day and slammed on my brakes!

  • Blasting Holes in Houses

    It's not as fun as a beer cannon, but it might lead to more tornado-resistant homes.

  • Fleeing from Fire

    It's the stuff movies are are made of:  With only seconds to spare, a firefighter reaches project foreman Curtis Reissig, before a section of a blazing building collapses.