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  • Tightening the Roof

  • Federal Block Grant May Help Ike Victims Rebuild

  • Hope and Worry

    Here's the good news: Deals are moving again. Developers in South Central states are closing the financing and starting construction on scores of stalled affordable housing projects throughout the region.

  • A Year After Ike, Scars and Controversy Remain

  • That Thang Is Leanin

  • A Rude Awakening

  • After the Storms

    HOUSTON— Mayor Bill White has faced some huge issues since taking office in 2004.

  • Calling for More Funds

    DALLAS—Mayor Tom Leppert and seven other big-city mayors in Texas recently joined forces to request $25 million from the state to combat homelessness.

  • Keeping Austin Affordable

    AUSTIN, TEXAS—A popular bumper sticker here reads “Keep Austin Weird.”

  • The View from City Hall

    The need for affordable housing is surging in cities across the nation, according to leading mayors.