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  • In the News

    Who's liable for defective Chinese drywall?; top 10 OSHA violations for 2009; Texas requires water-saving toilets; more

  • Pain in the Energy Capitol

    TALK ABOUT SPIRIT OF SURVIVAL. Whether battling hurricanes as recently as Ike or working through the recession and regional financial collapse of the 1980s, Houston always seems resilient. However, difficult market conditions over the next 18 to 24 months will require intense navigation through a...

  • People

    Phil Weber left his post as head of Fannie Mae’s multifamily division in late September to become an executive vice president at Austin, Texas-based residential developer Forestar Group.

  • Grandbridge Amplifies Multifamily Debt Platform

    Grandbridge Real Estate Capital continues to expand its multifamily operations, both in terms of people and products.

  • Tightening the Roof

  • Federal Block Grant May Help Ike Victims Rebuild

  • Hope and Worry

    Here's the good news: Deals are moving again. Developers in South Central states are closing the financing and starting construction on scores of stalled affordable housing projects throughout the region.

  • A Year After Ike, Scars and Controversy Remain

  • That Thang Is Leanin

  • A Rude Awakening