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  • Alabama and Texas Grapple with Coastal Insurance

  • Bush the Elder Hits the Beach in Bolivar

  • The New Colonias

    SAN JUAN, TEXAS—Homes made of scavenged wood line the streets of some subdivisions here, where very poor “homeowners” can be thrown out on almost any pretext.

  • Foundation Returns to Green Basics

    AUSTIN, TEXAS—Contractors for Foundation Communities are getting out their caulking guns— the nonprofit plans to make 1,800 of the affordable apartments it owns and manages more energy efficient.

  • Ike Aftermath: Galveston Update~

  • Second Home Rental Conversions Could be Remodel Opportunity~

  • FEMA Takes Heat Over Ike

  • Guilty Verdicts in Dallas Corruption Trial

    Former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill and several others were found guilty this week in a high-profile corruption case involving developers building low-income housing tax credit properties.

  • People

    Ann Lott has resigned as president and CEO of the Dallas Housing Authority. Lott had held the top post since September 2000.

  • In the News

    Roofing nails puncture gas lines in Texas; hot countertops rattle kitchen and bath industry; dustup over drywall