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  • Case Study: Small-Scale Historic Rehab

    Compromises on design, codes, and costs help turn a run-down brick double-ender into a profitable commercial development.

  • Focus on Energy: Quick Energy Check

  • Fighting Fire With Good Design

    Fire codes, fire cuts, fire walls, fire stops, draft stops, and almost everything else you ought to know about building safe houses.

  • Shopping for Pre-Built Stairs

    A survey of the options, costs, and construction details to look for in pre-built stairs.

  • Keeping the Paint On

    Remedies for the age-old problems of peeling, blistering, and bleeding-through of paint.

  • The Bright Idea

    A tortured tale of fine craftsmanship and bad business planning—with plenty of 20/20 hindsight.

  • Photo-What?

    An installer/consultant situated in southern Vermont, Gottlieb describes the typical home photovoltaic system, and the most efficient ways to use the electricity it produces.

  • Mystery of the Ghost Lines

    Many stressed-skin roofs have joint lines that “ telegraph” up through the roofing. Here are a few theories why—and one solution.

  • Letters

  • Raising the Roof

    How to lift a 40-foot-long roof, add a second story, and put it all back together in a day’s work.