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  • Rundown Housing Complex Gets Gut Rehab

    FREDERICKSBURG, VA. - After failing its federally mandated inspections for two years in a row, the oldest HUD-subsidized apartment complex in Virginia was on the verge of being lost to the community as an affordable housing resource.

  • Steep Discounts for Virginia WorkforceHousing

    BRISTOW, VA . - A small housing development in eastern Virginia is offering big discounts on homeownership to teachers, social workers, police officers, and other workers who live in the area but don’t earn enough to buy homes at prevailing market prices.

  • Q & A

    A Auger: We’ve hired a supportive-housing coordinator who is working toward developing a coordinated approach with a variety of stakeholders who want housing for their consumers.

  • Q & A

    What new financing programs do you have for developers?

  • specification insights

    presented at the s fifth annual education conference in Alexandria, Virginia, last October, and sent to IALD members in December, the 2005 Edition of Guidelines for Specification Integrity, a joint venture with the Lighting Industry Resource Council, is only the second time such a document has been...

  • IALD Launches New Website

    the iald launched a new website ( during its th annual iald Education Conference held this October in Alexandria, Virginia. (See 'IALD Conference,' above.) The purpose of the redesign was 'to provide a more efficient, effective, and streamlined website that is easier to navigate,' says...

  • Rodgers Garden Fence

    A colorfully illuminated garden fence in Alexandria, Virginia, gives the neighbors something to talk about.

  • People NOOOze

    Virginia-based solid-state lighting manufacturer

  • Light the Focus of This Month's Artkrush

    The current issue of Artkrush, a bi-monthly e-zine covering international art and design, takes as its inspiration the concept of light as a vehicle for art. It offers essays, interviews, and reviews of artists who view light as their muse, including Leo Villareal and Cai Guo-Qiang. Also featured...

  • Seniors at Heart of Winchester Greens

    RICHMOND, VA. - The Better Housing Coalition (BHC) put seniors housing at the center of its Winchester Greens development.