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  • Notebook

    DOE program to cut home energy use, EIFS homes lose insurance coverage, OSB prices drop

  • Toolbox: Portable Panel Saw

    Portable panel saw

  • Installing Sprinkler Systems

    In the U.S., a residential fire starts every 68 seconds. To prevent loss of life, some municipalities are beginning to require sprinklers in new homes. Here’s what you need to know before you design and install a working system.

  • Q&A: Wood Glue: Okay After Freezing?

    Q: We use a yellow carpenter’s glue for wood-to-wood gluing chores. Every winter, I invariably leave the container in my truck overnight, and the glue freezes. Can this glue be thawed and used after it has frozen?

  • Focus on Energy: Adding a Floor Heating Loop

    Adding a radiant loop

  • Reciprocating Saw Update

    Tool manufacturers have introduced a whole new crop of these versatile demolition tools. Here’s an up-close look at what’s available.

  • Toolbox: In-Line Jigsaw

    New Bosch in-line jigsaw

  • Tools for Tight Spots

    Remodelers constantly get into tight situations where run-of-the-mill tools just don’t fit. Here’s a collection of tools that can save you hours of frustration when working in close quarters.

  • Writing Your Own Warranty

    Homeowners can be fussy about minor defects that appear during their first year in a new home. Here’s how one company solved the problem by adding quality standards to their warranty.

  • Toolbox: Super Demolition Saw