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    MEET GARY GORMAN, president and CEO of Gorman & Co., Inc., a Wisconsin-based firm specializing in urban renewal projects.

  • Wisconsin TCAP Development Gets Under Way

    A groundbreaking ceremony was held for Olga Village, a 37-unit development for low-income seniors on Milwaukee’s south side.

  • Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

    From very simple residential steplight systems to serious major lighting installations, there are a number of products designed for grid-free installations.

  • Historic Wisconsin Brewery Becomes Workforce Housing

    LA CROSSE, WIS. The Gunderson Lutheran Medical Center here had a difficult time attracting and retaining employees due to the lack of quality affordable housing in its area.

  • The Daylighting Collaborative Offers New Resources


    MADISON—Preservation will again be an important part of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority’s (WHEDA’s) tax credit allocation process in 2008, as the state’s population growth historically has been minimal.

  • Tool Test: Recip Saws

    The best models cut fast, vibrate less, and make blade changes easy.

  • A Home for Entrepreneurs

    MILWAUKEE - When workers tore down the elevated freeway between North Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and Milwaukee’s increasingly busy downtown, local officials decided to bring new shops and offices to this area of warehouses and vacant lots.

  • Tool Test: Lithium-Ion Cordless Kits

    These new tools promise longer runtimes, lighter batteries, and impressive power. But do they deliver?

  • On the Road with Light

    Roadways are not parking lots-higher vehicle speeds on roadways call for lighting designed to help drivers quickly identify hazards and react to them.