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More stories about Accessories

  • Duo-Fast Paper Tape Framing Nails

    Collated strip nails for 20-degree full round-head framing nailers are typically held together by rigid plastic strips that can transform into mini projectiles and pile up underfoot like so many ball bearings.

  • Bacharach Telescopic Mirror Set

    For my money, small telescopic mirrors are among the most useful inspection tools out there.

  • Rockler Dust Right Vacuum Nozzles

    Four-inch Dust Right vacuum nozzles connect to your dust-collection system, allowing you to spruce up your shop or job site without a broom.

  • Dremel Multi-Max

    I've never met a carpenter who didn't like his Fein MultiMaster, but I've met plenty who think Fein's prices — especially for accessories — are a little steep.