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  • Reining Them In

    In December 2006, Fannie Mae restated its financials for 2001 through June 30, 2004, correcting $6.3 billion in earnings overstatements. Freddie Mac’s own accounting problems were revealed in 2003; the company had understated earnings by $5 billion to smooth out volatility in profits.

  • Signs of Life

    In a debt financing market flooded with capital, and after accounting scandals led to a sort of suspended animation at the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), many lenders say 2007 will be the year the agencies re-engage the market with a vengeance.

  • Learning New Tricks

    As Fannie Mae begins to emerge from its accounting scandal and Freddie Mac reorganizes and refocuses its multifamily division, there’s a high-stakes poker game going on in the halls of Congress.

  • Business

    Prepare your company for the end of the year; get paid faster with credit cards

  • Investing in Real Estate

    You've got the skills, and financing is available. You just need to make the first move

  • Capitol saves the paper

    Tax credit financial managers who need to send documents to every lender, lawyer and other party involved in a development already have their hands full doing the rest of their jobs. 

  • Tax-saving trick: Cost segregation studies allow owners to pocket more cash

    Whether they choose to buy and hold properties or do renovations or new construction, multifamily owners and developers who retain ownership can benefit from a little-known secret and immediate tax savings, sometimes amounting to millions of dollars, by c

  • GMACCH sold, renamed Capmark

    Detroit – GMAC Commercial Holding Corp. (GMACCH), which was recently acquired by an investor group, has changed its name to Capmark Financial Group, Inc. The name change is being made effective in the second quarter of this year.

  • Tools of the trade

    The effort to spread high technology throughout the multifamily industry has led to a number of recent team-ups and acquisitions of companies as well as new products and services that seek to take advantage of the increasing use of the Internet as the bac

  • Auditing issues worry LIHTC industry

    Work continues on solving one of the big issues facing the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) market this year: the possibility of more expensive accounting requirements.