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More stories about Acoustics

  • Light Matters for Healthcare

    There is evidence that hospitable and calming healthcare environments can actually contribute to how quickly patients recuperate and how well staff provides care. Key components of these spaces are warm interior colors, comfortable furniture, beautiful artwork, daylighting, quality artificial...

  • Clayco Headquarters, St. Louis

    CHALLENGE When real estate and design-build firm Clayco rebranded in 2005, the company asked its architecture, interior design, and planning collaborative, Forum Studio, to update its St. Louis corporate headquarters, and moved both companies-previously separated by a parking lot-under the same...

  • State-of-the-Art Dimming for Dummies: Part One

    Understanding the technical ins and outs of available dimming systems

  • Products

    Fencing; soundproofing; lighting

  • Letters

    Dampproofing vs. waterproofing; sound control; concealed electrical splices; more

  • Products

    Stainless-Steel Wiring Staples - Insulating Fire-Block - Site Shop Setup - Premium Sliders - Rust-Resistant Post Mount - Clear Storm Panels - Soundproofing Solution

  • Letters

    Countertop bolts for stair rails; sound control; more

  • Innovations in Sound Control

    New materials and techniques make it easier to manage noise in home theaters and other loud spaces.

  • Letters

    Wiring for the future; painting stucco; window flashing

  • Toolbox

    LVLs in crawlspaces; insulating knee walls; taping knee walls; limits on outlets