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  • Clayco Headquarters, St. Louis

    CHALLENGE When real estate and design-build firm Clayco rebranded in 2005, the company asked its architecture, interior design, and planning collaborative, Forum Studio, to update its St. Louis corporate headquarters, and moved both companies-previously separated by a parking lot-under the same...

  • State-of-the-Art Dimming for Dummies: Part One

    Understanding the technical ins and outs of available dimming systems

  • Products

    Fencing; soundproofing; lighting

  • Letters

    Dampproofing vs. waterproofing; sound control; concealed electrical splices; more

  • Products

    Stainless-Steel Wiring Staples - Insulating Fire-Block - Site Shop Setup - Premium Sliders - Rust-Resistant Post Mount - Clear Storm Panels - Soundproofing Solution

  • Letters

    Countertop bolts for stair rails; sound control; more

  • Innovations in Sound Control

    New materials and techniques make it easier to manage noise in home theaters and other loud spaces.

  • Letters

    Wiring for the future; painting stucco; window flashing

  • Toolbox

    LVLs in crawlspaces; insulating knee walls; taping knee walls; limits on outlets

  • Products

    Air blocker; quick frieze; decking; exterior doors; ventilation