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  • By Design: Adding a Deck with Style

    Adding a deck to fit the house

  • Flitch Beam Retrofit

    A custom remodeler tells how he and a helper used standard tools to install a three-quarter-ton steel sandwich before removing a masonry support wall for a first-story addition.

  • By Design: Backfitting Good Design

    Making the existing house match the addition

  • Resources

    K&B installation guide from NKBA, accessible building primer, masonry construction manual

  • Q&A: Electrical Fluctuations

    Q: I am having an electrical problem on a second-story addition I am currently building. The clients report that the lights dim periodically during the early morning hours, but that it’s not related to the refrigerator starting nor any other piece of electrical equipment in the house. I have tested...

  • By Design: Bay Window Do's and Don'ts

    Well-proportioned bay windows

  • Getting Change Orders under Control

    If you have problems tracking change orders, you’re probably not getting paid for a lot of extra work. A production manager for a successful California remodeler tells how her company handles change orders, from setting client expectations to creating a complete paper trail.

  • By Design: Using Room Dividers

    Using room dividers to create space

  • Resources

    Roof truss book, well & septic guide, energy-efficient remodeling

  • By Design: The Expandable Floor Plan

    Planning for an expandable house