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  • Reinventing HUD

    When Carolyn Federoff joined the Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1986, she believed in the agency’s mission of providing affordable housing and revitalizing cities, and many of her 10,000 colleagues shared her idealism.

  • Turning Miami Housing Upside Down

    Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez and County Manager George Burgess expressed shock and outrage over the waste and mismanagement uncovered by The Miami Herald in its prize-winning investigation of the Miami-Dade Housing Agency (MDHA) last year.

  • GSA Recognizes NCQLP Lighting Practitioner Certification Program

    In a significant move for lighting profession certification, the United States General Services Administration

  • In the News

    Wood dust cancer, EPA stormwater rules, septic alternatives, new salvaged wood supply, solar electric resurgence

  • Organizing the Small Construction Office

    Does your office look like a tornado just blew through it? This simple method improves efficiency by putting everything where it belongs.

  • Focus on Energy: CO detectors - Cheap Insurance

    Carbon monoxide detectors are reasonably priced and no bigger than smoke detectors

  • The Legal Column: Bid Acceptance Blues

  • The Legal Column: Contesting OSHA

    Negotiating with OSHA

  • Interview: Growth Without the Pain

    We talk with remodeler Kelley Hale on how he used the art of delegation to guide his company through a rapid growth spurt.

  • Business Forum: Divide and Conquer