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    This modular plastic footing form doubles as a perimeter drain.

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    A roofing contractor with 30-plus years in the business tells why traditional built-up roofing continues to be popular and describes how to lay down a long-lasting roof.

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    A concrete contractor explains how he creates good-looking walks, drives, and patios by combining aggregate finish concrete with inlayed brick and stone.

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    A contractor who depends on frame scaffolding for daily production relates some basic rules for safe setup and use.

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    Wormdrive clarification, deck ledger connections, shredded framing, on-site septic

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    There's more to a lasting paint job than choosing a color. Two experts answer builders' questions about how to make sure the paint sticks.

  • Painting Fiber-Cement Siding

    Q. Fiber-cement siding comes primed. Can I go straight to a top coat? What's the best paint to use?

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    A veteran masonry contractor describes how he built a series of stone arches below a wood-framed terrace.

  • In the News

    Lumber trade standoff, builder's contract gag clause causes controversy, simpler energy code in the works, gravel pumping may be in your future

  • On-Site Septic for Problem Soils

    An excavation contractor describes the installation of plastic leach chambers on a site where a conventional leach field wouldn't work.