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More stories about Amenities

  • Regional News

    Bloomington, Minn. —Boston-based Intercontinental Real Estate Corp. has purchased the International Village Apartments, a 353-unit community, for $30 million, or $85,269 per unit.


    Naperville, Ill. —A fund managed by Hartford, Conn.-based UBS has acquired Thornberry Woods, a 280-unit complex in this Chicago suburb for $39.2 million.

  • Growing Pains

    Tampa, Fla.—This city’s multifamily market is on a roller coaster that’s hit a low point for landlords.

  • Chicago Condos

    Design quality resumes its place in the residential development formula.

  • Higher rents fatten apartment owners' profits

    Apartment owners naturally want to earn higher returns on their investments, and though lower operating costs can be a good way to achieve that objective, it’s equally important to take advantage of opportunities to raise rents.

  • Managers centralize laundry rooms, cut energy costs

    Apartment and condominium owners are coping with rising operational costs by scaling down amenities.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Installing A Custom-Height Kitchen

    Installing a custom-height kitchen