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    Engineered lumber; exterior doors

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    All-Season Doors ~ Tough Exposure ~ New Lows for Low-E ~ Timber Tamers ~ Safe Step ~ Engineered Conservatories ~Dry Gear ~ Anchor Bolt Holders ~ Taking a Stand

  • Letters

    License decision judged unfair; cheap fix for plywood paneling; deck-ledger brackets; more

  • Framing the First-Floor Deck

    The work goes faster if you use a laser, install anchor straps instead of anchor bolts, and measure as little as possible.

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    Low-Maintenance Railing - Speedy Anchor - Durable Decks - Shelter from the Storm - Faster Fastening - Revolutionary Roof - Synthetic Underlayment - Maximum Opening - Pristine Trim - Competing Compressors

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    Pneumatic fasteners; skylights; instantaneous water heaters

  • Seismic Retrofit For Cripple Walls

    A good job addresses the building's weakest link - where the foundation attaches to the first floor.

  • Anchoring a Railing To Stone

    Q. Anchoring a Railing To Stone I need to secure the base of a wrought-iron handrail to an exterior granite landing. My plan is to drill holes into the stone and use anchors. What's the best way to do this without cracking the stone, and what should I use for anchors? I am concerned that wedge...

  • Installing Your Basic Pocket-Door Kit

    Get the sequence right and you can make serious time.

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    Columns; specialty fasteners; adhesives