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  • Soundproofing an Apartment Ceiling

    How do you make a downstairs apartment quieter when the apartment upstairs is inaccessible?

  • Temporary Fix

    THE PAST FEW YEARS haven't been great for apartment owners. Turns out corporate housing companies have had it just as bad.

  • The Nation's Best

    SAN FRANCISCO — Standing 12 stories, 10th and Mission Family Housing fills a tall order. First, it answers the affordable housing needs of 135 families, including 44 that were recently homeless.

  • Keeping a United Front

    NEW BEDFORD, MASS.— This June, residents moved back into the first 50 finished apartments in the redevelopment of the United Front Homes.

  • Working Class

    ARCHSTONE HAS BEEN around long enough to know the basic rule of multifamily arithmetic: jobs minus housing equals a fantastic development opportunity.

  • Strong as Steel

    PITTSBURGH'S APARTMENT MARKET seems to have as many things going for it as it has bridges—which is a lot.

  • Gulf Coast Revival

    NEW ORLEANS— Five years after Hurricane Katrina, Providence Community Housing has emerged as one of the most active affordable housing developers in the Gulf Coast.

  • Battle to Weatherize

    WASHINGTON, D.C.— It's not too late to use stimulus dollars to make your affordable housing properties more energy efficient.

  • Foreign Investors Coming Off the Sidelines

    Foreign investors are planning to increase their investments in U.S. apartments this year, building on their activity in 2009.

  • AHF Announces Sixth Annual Readers’ ChoiceFinalists

    Affordable Housing Finance is pleased to announce the finalists of its sixth annual Readers’ Choice Awards for the nation’s best developments of 2009-2010.