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  • The Supportive Housing Boom

    BROOKLYN, N.Y.—A developer here is doing something smart: Adding supportive-housing units to an affordable housing property. Thanks to state incentives, this move is helping to offset development costs.

  • Preservation Deal Demolishes Affordable Housing

    GLENS FALLS, N.Y. On Aug. 16, workers began tearing down the Henry Hudson Apartments, ripping the roof off a nearly 40- year-old townhouse with a bulldozer.

  • Viewpoint Beats the Odds

    SANDUSKY, OHIO - The deal to rehabilitate Viewpoint Apartments, closed by National Church Residences (NCR) at the end of July, shows how affordable housing developers can recapitalize the oldest Sec. 202 properties for seniors.

  • Break Out of the Box

    It started in June 2001 with a survey asking neighbors and residents of Seattle’s High Point development which of seven housing types they preferred for the site.

  • Changing the Rules

    Restrictive design rules have created an affordable housing crisis in many parts of the country, argues Andres Duany, a pioneer in the new urbanism movement and a leader in much of the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast.

  • HUD Hurdles Threaten Affordable HousingStock

    More than 760,000 apartments that now serve some of the nation’s poorest tenants are at risk of being lost as affordable housing in the next three years.

  • The New Take On Mid-Rise Design

    A four-story gleaming silver ellipse will feature new condominiums over a two-story café space at the corner of 888 Seventh St. in San Francisco

  • Rundown Housing Complex Gets Gut Rehab

    FREDERICKSBURG, VA. - After failing its federally mandated inspections for two years in a row, the oldest HUD-subsidized apartment complex in Virginia was on the verge of being lost to the community as an affordable housing resource.

  • Utah School Remade into Housing

    PROVO, UTAH - . The Provo City Housing Authority not only saved a historic school from being razed, but also used the property as a catalyst for neighborhood rejuvenation

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