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    Indianapolis —Locally based Ardizzone Enterprises, Inc., has agreed to pay $80.2 million for a portfolio of five apartment properties here from Apartment Investment and Management Co. (Aimco).

  • Renovation Station

    Jackson, Miss. — For a city that’s lost more than 20,000 residents over the past two decades, this town has a lot of development in the pipeline. More than $1.6 billion in commercial and residential real estate investment is poised to pour into the downtown area of Mississippi’s capital city...

  • Multifamily Starts Up

    Apartment developers are taking the plunge.


    Chicago — Campus Acquisitions, a Chicago-based firm focused on student housing development, has acquired two student housing projects for undisclosed amounts in South Carolina and Texas.

  • Condo Crisis Deepens

    Miami Beach, Fla. — In February, buyers at one of the biggest condominium conversion projects in Florida started to get their deposits back.

  • Madison Begins Again

    Madison, Wis. — A condominium and single-family housing boom that began earlier in the decade has abated here, allowing owners to raise rents and eliminate concessions for the first time in years.

  • Homeless Check In To Nuevo Sol

    SANTA CRUZ, CALIF. -The Nuevo Sol Apartments haven’t always been a healthy place to live. Before workers finished a green rehab here in September, the tiny rental apartments had a reputation for illegal drugs and prostitution, despite their location just a few blocks from the beach.


    CHICAGO - Nonprofit developer Lawndale Christian Development Corp. will build the Martin Luther King Jr. Apartments on a vacant two-acre site owned by the city.

  • Summer School

    Alameda, Calif. — “It looked like something out of Baghdad,” said Eddie Ring, senior managing director of Kennedy Wilson Multifamily Group.

  • Foster Kids No More

    GRASSBORO, N.J. -- Fire trucks have been called to the Life Link Homes here seven times since construction finished last October.