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    MIDLAND, MICH. -- Brookstone Capital, a Midland-based developer, has completed two affordable housing projects in Michigan.

  • Rehab Reaches New Heights

    Baltimore—It’s hard to take in the odd geometry of the Railway Express Lofts. The building sits at the bottom of the old Jones Falls River Valley, squeezed in between a six-lane Interstate highway and a train line.

  • Long-Awaited Bliss

    The multifamily market is expected to heat up in this sun-soaked city. But like new charcoal, it may take a while to catch fire.

  • Immigration Transformation

    Park Hill Apartments in San Antonio, Texas, is not your typical rental community. To begin with, threequarters of the tenants here are from India.

  • Building on the Frontier

    St. Louis — In Old North St. Louis, some blocks have more grassy vacant lots on them than houses, and nearly 40 percent of the residents live in poverty, according to the 2000 Census.

  • Emigrating to Luxury

    Chicago—One of the most expensive apartment towers here has filled up with more than 100 immigrant renters, many fresh from the customs counter at O’Hare International Airport.

  • Telling the Apartment Story

    Phoenix—As apartment owners and developers gather here for this magazine’s annual conference, there’s a lot for them to feel positive about despite the nation’s economic downturn and the sinking stock market.

  • Sidebar: The Dividends of Diversity

    Three-quarters of the people living in the Beachwood, an apartment property in Los Angeles, were born in Latin America. Another quarter moved to California from the Midwest or the Northeast.

  • Marketing on the Cheap

    APARTMENT FINANCE TODAY talked to Jennifer Eschbaugh, multifamily account executive for Worldwide Signature, based in Cleveland. Eschbaugh trains multifamily teams around the country. She discussed inexpensive, creative ways to market apartment properties. Her main point: Half the battle is getting...


    Evanston, Ill.—Pension fund giant TIAA-CREF has acquired The Park Evanston, a 283-unit, 24-story, Class A multifamily high-rise downtown for an undisclosed amount.