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More stories about Apartments

  • New Plans Build on Newark’s Boomtime

    NEWARK, N.J. - Before the real estate boom here, the Unified Vailsburg Services Organization (UVSO) didn’t build rental housing, much less projects that mixed apartments with retail space.

  • Big-Box Mixes with Affordable Housing

    When affordable housing developers mix a little retail into their projects, it’s usually not Wal-Mart, Target, or Whole Foods.

  • The Squeeze Play

    NEW YORK CITY- For decades, teachers, firefighters, and policemen have found refuge from New York City’s brutal housing market in Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town, one of the biggest communities ever built for people earning moderate incomes

  • From a Historic Home, a New Project Rises

    SEATTLE - The Pantages Apartments started with the saving of one landmark house and grew into significantly more.

  • Seniors at Heart of Winchester Greens

    RICHMOND, VA. - The Better Housing Coalition (BHC) put seniors housing at the center of its Winchester Greens development.

  • Historic Wonderland Saved

    SILVER SPRING, MD. - Here’s one benefit of historic restoration work: Interesting people sometimes come to your groundbreaking.

  • Boston Redevelopment Beats the Odds

    BOSTON - Skeptics say that HOPE VI redevelopments take too long to complete, cost too much, and provide too little public housing.

  • High-Rise Housing Goes Street-Scale

    CHICAGO - By January, workers will finish the homes and apartments in the first phase of a plan to redesign more than 30 blocks of public housing and re-knit the urban fabric between four neighborhoods on Chicago’s Near West Side.

  • Tierra del Sol Mixes Housing and School

    CANOGA PARK, CALIF. - Tierra del Sol tackles two critical issues at once—housing and education. The trail-blazing Los Angeles development features not only 119 units of affordable housing, but also a charter elementary school that has more than 400 studen

  • Southwood Square rebuilds community

    Stamford, Conn.—Private developers, city officials, police officers, and neighbors all came together to help turn Southfield Village, a troubled public housing project, into the new mixed-income neighborhood called Southwood Square.