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More stories about Appliances

  • THE VOS PAD, london

    CHALLENGE The $1 million plus asking price for a one-bedroom apartment overlooking the Thames represents a record breaker by London standards, even for the very exclusive borough of Chelsea. But, the Vos Pad, as it is named, owes its value to more than just a strategic location in the British...

  • Material Exploration

    A planetarium juxtaposes the materiality of its daytime image against a nighttime presence wholly defined by light.

  • Lightolier Turns 100

    Lighting manufacturer Lightolier is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Fall River, Massachusetts-based company was originally incorporated as the New York Gas Appliance Company by Bernhard Blitzer.

  • Commendable Achievement, Retail - Carlos Miele

    The lighting in the Carlos Miele store in New York's Meatpacking District magically illuminates both the high-end dresses and the hip organic interior by New York-based architecture firm Asymptote.

  • Lightfair 2005: The Buzz Around LEDs Continues

    Like last year's show, Lightfair 2005 saw a continued interest in LED technology, with a rash of LED-related product introductions. The hyper-focus on solid-state lighting, however, made other technologies stand out more brightly.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Going green; ovens

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Cooking; tiling

  • On the Job

    Wet-location protection for hardwood flooring; an old nailing trick; recip blade compass

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Showers; high-pressure laminates

  • Products

    Basement finishing; brick & masonry; hvac grilles & registers