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  • A|L Design Awards, Commendable Achievement: White Noise | White Light

    In preparing to host the 2004 Summer Games, Athens extended its imaging campaign beyond athletics to include culture and architecture with a program called 'Catch the Light: Routes through Athens.'

  • Interface Engineering Expands its Lighting Studio

    has expanded its lighting studio: Robert Dupuy has returned as lead and associate principal in the company's Portland, Oregon office; Cliff Bodell has been hired as a lighting designer; and Mark Godfrey has joined the studio as senior lighting designer. In addition, Interface Engineering's senior...

  • Rogier van der Heide

    Perhaps not surprisingly, Rogier van der Heide started in theater. Many of his professional peers also began their career there, but the real hint is in the personality of his work.

  • luminous line

    simplicity does not always imply a lack of complexity. such is the case with the recently completed illumination of the Bazacle Causeway on the Garonne River in the city of Toulouse, France.

  • Inside Info ...

  • Festival of Lights

    Dutch architectural lighting designer Rogier van der Heide, the associate director and global leader of Arup Lighting, will be the keynote speaker at

  • People News

    , an architecture, engineering, interiors, and planning firm, has appointed Richard J. Farley as the new leader of its corporate/commercial sector; LED lighting systems manufacturer

  • Portable Light

    As sustainable as fireflies, off-the-grid power sources address the needs of a seminomadic, indigenous Mexican culture.

  • Riverfront Rebirth

    Residents near the falls of St. Anthony, the only waterfall on the Mississippi River, are witnessing the greatest boom along the riverfront since the milling days of the late 1880s, when Minneapolis became 'flour capital' of the world.

  • The Radiant City

    When we look at the New York City skyline after dark, we see an urban landscape particular to modernity, one in which the significance of each building is designated not by form or position, but by light. 'Transformed by Light: The New York Night,' an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New...