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  • In the Pink

    Colored glass and light combine to create a juicy hotel experience at the Semiramis in Athens, Greece.

  • Tadao Ando to speak at LightNight

    Pritzker prize winning Japanese architect Tadao Ando will be the featured speaker at LightNight on April 12, 2005. The festivities will commence at 8:00p.m. at the Center for Architecture, New York. Opening remarks by Charle Stone, President IALD and Jan Ejhad, President Elect ELDA+ will be...

  • New Kid on the Block

    Debuting at LightCongress, was newly formed company

  • Exchange

    Lighting designers don't feel architects understand or value their work. Architects feel they can take care of basic lighting requirements themselves. So where does the communication between architecture and lighting start in a formalized design education? What is the role of lighting in an...

  • Supplying Commercial, Designer, Festival and Linear Series to the

    is supplying the company's Commercial, Designer, Festival and Linear Series to the

  • Details

  • Lighting for the Consumer: Interview with Designer Stephen Saint-Onge

    Saint-Onge has recently joined with Philips to educate the consumer population about its lighting options.

  • Tsunamis Disaster Relief

    In light of the recent earthquake and related tsunamis disaster in Sumatra, we encourage our design professional colleagues to visit the Architecture for Humanity website, to learn how you can help with relief efforts. Links to several relief organizations are also...

  • Fill Light

    As long as lighting designers have competed for awards, fill light has been a hot topic. In the hands of a master photographer, fill light makes every part of the interior visible. Not only is this preferred by design magazines, it often makes the lighting look better.

  • jury

    c. brooke carter senior designer, Domingo Gonzalez Associates, New York