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  • Lighting the Way: LEDs for the Developing World

    In the last several years, the practice of socially responsible architecture has received mainstream attention. Architects and designers are using their talent and skill to create affordable and sustainable designs for communities in need. The work of the late Samuel Mockbee and his Rural Studio...

  • Miles to Go

    how time flies, but without necessarily the same consequence. that a year can slip by unnoticed is hardly unfamiliar to anyone. It is the amount accomplished in that period that is not always consistent. Some years yield more than others, justifying in their productivity the swift, selfish flight...

  • The First Annual A|L Light + Architecture Design Awards

  • A|L's Light and Architecture Design Awards Honors Nine

    has recognized nine projects from a field of 41 entries. Three projects received the highest recognition of Outstanding Achievement, five projects garnered Commendable Achievement awards, and one project received recognition in the ALVA category for lighting design on a budget.

  • Is the lighting industry facing 'commoditization'?

    From the redevelopment of Times Square to significant buildings around the world like the Bilbao Guggenheim, lighting has become a key player in the world of architecture.

  • Parsons Masters of Light

    Parsons School of Design has announced it will replace its current one-year Master of Arts lighting degree with a two-year Masters of Fine Arts program.

  • Ultralights Awards Architecture students

    tucson-based manufacturer ultralights architectural lighting has created a unique program to bring the disciplines of architecture and lighting design closer together-the UltraLights Design Competition. Partnering with the University of Arizona's College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture...

  • The Jewelry of Architecture

    Decorative lighting adds 'eye candy' to the architectural space. Here's how to do it.

  • Parsons Announces New MFALD Program Director

    The Department of Architecture, Interior Design, and Lighting at

  • solar projects race to the finish line

    the u.s. department of energy has announced the participation of scholastic teams from the United States, Canada, and Spain in the second annual Solar Decathlon to be held this October in Washington, D.C. A forum for innovative and experimental ideas in architecture, engineering, and technology...