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  • Whole Foods, Austin, TeXas

    CHALLENGE Far from the sterile environment of a conventional supermarket, the inviting atmosphere of the Whole Foods Markets encourages shoppers to explore and linger. While retailers favor bright lights to lure customers to displays, general concerns over the use of traditional lamps, specifically...

  • Good Design Awards Results Are In

    Results are in for the Good Design Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum, the Museum of Architecture and Design. Established in 1950 by Museum of Modern Art curator Edgar J. Kaufmann Jr., the program honors designers and manufacturers for 'new and innovative product concepts and originality, and for...

  • Sowles Trauring, Dental Partners, Boston

    A dental office in Boston balances electric lighting with daylighting for a pleasant patient experience.

  • women's and children's hospitals, chapel hill, nc


  • Color is in fashion. From product design to lighting applications to architecture, color is everywhere.

    What role does color, and color illumination play in contemporary design? How does technology influencing the use of color in lighting applications, building materials, and technologies? How do cultural differences--perception and meaning associated with color impact the use of or non-use of color...

  • NYC NightSeeing Map Deadline Extension


  • Third Annual A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards

    The eight projects presented below, winners of the Third Annual A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards, made an impression on this year?s jury..

  • NYC NightSeeing Map-Call for Entries


  • 2006 Lumen Awards

    On June 14, 2006 the

  • Home of the Year

    A special presentation of Architecture magazine's awards for residential architecture.